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Submissions are now open for globalFEST 2025! 

Apply by May 31, 2024

globalFEST's festival takes place each January and is one of North America’s most important global music events, attracting a large number of music industry professionals, members of the press and music fans. Following participation at gF, artists have gone on to tour North America at hundreds of theaters, events and festivals across the country and around the world. Tours and cultural exchanges, as well as features and articles, that result from participating at globalFEST have built an ever-widening audience for global music and, by extension, an increase in international cooperation and collaboration.

To see previous gF artists, visit


Eligible artists must be tour-ready and fit certain criteria to make the most out of their appearance at gF. How do we define global music? We try not to. We let the artists define it for us. Check out our list of past performers, NPR archive and the gF Alumni Spotify Playlist  to get a better idea of the diversity of styles. 

  • There is a $20 application fee. Please email if you are unable to afford this fee. 
  • Once started, you must complete the entire submission in one session.  You cannot return to a partially completed application. Please use the checklist at the link below to prepare the materials needed to apply in advance. We recommend first answering the questions in a separate document before filling in the form. View the checklist here.
  • We base our invitations in large part on live performance. Therefore, we must see at least three live performance videos, preferably with an audience. Other videos are acceptable as supplemental material.
  • We only accept 3 submissions per agent. Do not send us your entire roster.
  • We prioritize artists who have a firm commitment and means to tour North America in 2025- 2027.
  • globalFEST is an industry event with hundreds of industry professionals attending and is intended for artists who are tour-ready. We prioritize artists who have an agent or manager attending, or are in NY during the APAP (Association for Performing Arts Professionals) conference. Our experience shows that artists who have an agent or manager attending APAP or are in NY during APAP have more successful outcomes following gF.
  • We do not accept CDs, DVDs, or promotional materials by mail.
  • Notifications will begin to be sent on or around the end of July 2024, with invitations happening on a rolling basis through September 2024.
Should you have any questions, please contact us at


  • Invited Artists will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation, and visas. Tamizdat Artist Services offers gF artists low-cost visa application services. We suggest starting the visa process as soon as each artist is invited to participate to avoid having to pay an additional Premium Processing cost. 
  • The US visa process is currently in flux, but we can assume it may take 3-6 months or longer to obtain a visa. For updated information, please visit
  • Artists selected to perform at gF 2025 will perform a 45-60 minute live set.
  • gF provides backline, production, and catering, plus an honorarium for each band member (+ one crew member).